Tiny Deliveries - Now Offered!
  • We are offering you Tiny - Small deliveries of gardening material for your outdoor green space project - backyard, front yard etc.
  • We'll purchase, pick up and deliver in our little truck vs you damaging your little car! Call or text us at 6 - 0 - 4 - 3 - 4 - 0 - 1 - 6 - 8 - 2
  • As we get busy with Spring and Summer outdoor projects, there is always that extra hand needed to bring materials, we're here to help

Need a bit of soil 1/2 yard to 1 yard for your garden? Is your order too small and doesn't meet the minimum required for the store to deliver directly? - We'll be happy to also place it, shovel it or disperse it to your required specific location - just have to tell us where you want it! (*Small additional fee added).

Need some gravel rock (1/2 yard) for your side home entrance? Need some lumber, wood, some more plants, building a small veggie garden and looking for soil and veggie plants etc

Building a new garden? and fell short of turf grass rolls brought in? Need to bring some cedars in? or some boxwoods? You forgot something at the store? Don't want to get your car dirty or wet?

Our trucks are smaller than a standard dump truck, they won't damage or

tear away your driveway or yard. We can navigate into smaller areas

that large trucks can't. We only haul small quantities of gardening, landscaping and some construction materials and we can definitely make

a couple of trips if that's what you need!