About YOU
If you are a HOMEOWNER and you have a garden or a backyard that needs some care in order to fully enjoy it, we are here to help!

Did you JUST MOVE IN? or are you trying to SELL YOUR HOME? Has your garden been abandoned for a while? We can give your garden some tlc, a good cleanup or update it in order to increase your home's value!

If you have a SMALL APARTMENT or you live in a TOWN-HOME, but really wished you could have a garden, we can work with you in a smaller scale and still bring the green space into your home!

Are you a STRATA MANAGER looking for a reliable company to care for your buildings and manage the maintenance of the green grounds, flowers and trees, patios and rooftop gardens;  we have the  experience and the man power to deal with your demands efficiently. 

About US
We are a full service gardening company, we do soft and hard landscaping  along with grounds maintenance. We take great care and pride of each garden we visit. We provide you with the basics needs of the plants in your garden and help you build from there, bringing your green space to it's fully potential in terms of easthetics and utilization. We help you create your own dream garden.

Different from the rest, we are not afraid of working hard, under any weather conditions, no matter how much rain is falling or how sunny and hot it is outside, if we tell you we'll be there, we will be there! If you needs us weekends and holidays or after office hours, we simply make it work around your schedule. We are highly recognized for our Reliability, Reasonable Pricing and Quality Assurance. - No job is complete until our customer is satisfied.

All gardens have their unique and specific needs, maybe not only the garden needs care but the pathway, the hedges, the fence, the entrance way, the planters on the sidewalk, the flower beds along the stairs, etc also need some work. With our extensive gardening and construction experience, we are able to provide you with an all encompassing full-service.

What are you waiting for? Let's get you a quote right away! Let us know what you need by calling 604-340-1682, or email us at